American Jeepfitters is a wholesale, luxury, custom Jeep production plant focusing on the constant evolution of the popular Jeep Wrangler 4 door model. Our company tag line, “Creators of fine Rides for all Walks” is well represented in our production lineup. Our American Jeepfitters award winning designers have created a Jeep build for you no matter your interests!

From the stunning Grappler LED Series that’s specifically designed for nights out on the town, for date night, or perhaps the rugged Calibre Series ready for a trail adventure, the Blackhawk Series designed to resemble a military assault vehicle delivering driving supremacy, or the Prowler Series that just seems to call for a drive around a lake town or the beach while vacationing… THIS is how we “Design a fine ride for every Walk” that our customers come for while shopping for a Jeep to be part of their lives. When our customers buy a Jeep build by American Jeepfitters, they are buying an adventure, not to mention a head turning vehicle as well as one that can be driven everyday back and forth to work or used in promoting their own business efforts.

Shop our entire line and choose one today! Our staff stands by to assist you with our design and sales process!

A special thank you goes to the Missouri Wing for letting us film on location in their beautiful World War II era aircraft hangar.  Learn more about their incredible organization here.